• Log Book Service

      Log Book Service

      Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your bike reliable over time.We follow the service schedule provided by the manufacturer of your bike in order to make sure that every part is up to date and to spec.

    • Diagnostics


      The Diagnostics on modern bikes can be complex and costly. That is why we use the latest generation of diagnostic computers for most makes and models ensuring a straight forward and accurate diagnosis.

    • Track Side Assistance

      Track Side Assistance

      Do you want to try the thrill of riding at 220kph but you are not confident to get on the track on your own or you do not want to risk damaging your bike?

      We can assist you to make your dream come true. We offer track side assistance, set up, ride mentoring for beginners and intermediate riders, and ultimately bike hire.

    • Chain & Suspension

      Chain & Suspension

      The Chain and suspension are active components of every motorcycle and many riders underestimate the importance of keeping the chain in good working order, lubed and tensioned correctly.

      We use only high performance  o'ring or x ring chains.

      We also offer suspension adjustment and service.

    • Pre Purchase Inspection

      Pre Purchase Inspection

      Do you want to buy a bike but you are not a bike guru?

      Call us to book an inspection to avoid nasty surprises afterwards. We can help you to asses the real value of the bike and to check if the bike is in good working order or need repairs.

    • Tyres & Brakes

      Tyres & Brakes

      Safety is the N1 concern for every rider and tyres and brakes are the most critical parts on every bike.

      During an emergency braking good tyres and brakes can make the difference between stopping in time or not.( variant: between stopping or flying like a rocket over the car) if you are not sure about your tyres and brake conditions contact us for advice or to get a quote

Sector Service Cost
Log Book Service Scooter service up to 300cc $200*
Minor service up to 600cc motorcycle $260*
Minor service up to 750cc motorcycle $280*
Minor service over 750cc motorcycle $300*
Diagnostic Call Out Fee $100
Labour $100 Per Hour
Track Day Assistance All Day + Transport From $300 a day
Chain and Suspension Chain Replacement From $220
Suspension Setting From $80
Pre-purchase Inspection Pre-purchase Inspection From $160
Tyres and Brakes Brake Replacement From $140
* price may vary depending on location and vehicle conditions
* up to 15% off if you are flexible with time and date
* up to 20% off if you book more than one service at the time in the same location and date ( bring a friend).
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